31 Days 2017

So last year I took part in Write 31 Days for the first time, writing everyday in October about things that make our home happy. This year my topic comes from my word for the year, flourish. 

I spent ages coming up with a word that I would use to focus 2017 in my mind and 'flourish' was it. I wanted to feel like in 2017 I did more than just survive. There are seasons of course when survival is all you can do - maybe you've a sick child, or a newborn, or are suffering from depression. Survival is fine! But we do need to have periods of growth too. For me, knowing we planned to expand our family in 2018, I wanted to spend 2017 not breastfeeding, taking some time to do some small pieces of work, go on some courses and workshops and (probably most importantly, but let's face it, dull as...) get the house sorted so life at home ran smoother. 

And so I came up with my 2017 goals. To be honest, it's three quarters of the way through the year and I can safely say many of the goals will not be met! Yet I can see how our home life is flourishing more than it did a year ago. So I thought I'd do this series to help get me back on track, to finish the year well, and encourage you to do the same. 

We all want to flourish - to grow, have a vibrant life, full of colour and joy. I'm learning this as I write so please join me as I spend October thinking about how we can do this! I'm mostly planning to look at home life - routines, cleaning, food - but with some child development theory and how that's shaped our family flourishing. And a whole bunch of grace. I'm still far from the ideal in my head of what a flourishing home looks like!

I'll start off tomorrow with my faith, but just as a focus at the start, the Bible (NIV) has 19 references to flourishing, three in one Psalm alone! So I thought I'd end my intro with this. God wants us to live a full life - one that allows us to flourish. 

Psalm 92 13

Oh, and by the way, yes, if you stare too long at the word flourish you will start to see the word flour and think of bread (or cakes) and you will convince yourself you've spelt it wrong. 

Day 1 - Introduction (you've just read it)

Day 2 - God at the centre

Day 3 - Acknowledge your season of life

Day 4 - Bullet journals

Day 5 - Morning routine

Day 6 - Evening routine

Day 7 - Establishing rhythm

Day 8 - Cleaning routines

Day 9 - A challenge and a rest

Day 10 - Cleansing ourselves...and our bathrooms

Day 11 - A restful space

Day 12 - Laundry

Day 13 - Meal planning - the meals

Day 14 - Meal planning - a plan

Day 15 - Decluttering

Day 16 - Decluttering challenge one

Day 17 - Decluttering challenge two

Day 18 - Hospitality

Day 19 - Intentional Parenting

Day 20 - Gentle / Attachment Parenting

Day 21 - Child Development

Day 22 - Getting to know your children

Day 23 - Discipline

Day 24 - Communication

Day 25 - Respect

Day 26 - Consistency

Day 27 - Play

Day 28 - The struggles

Day 29 - Marriage

Day 30 - When your child has special needs

Day 31 - Thoughts at the end