Write 31 Days.....


So here goes! Write 31 Days is an online challenge to blog every day in October. For years I have had private blogs with an intense fear of having people read my words. But the time has come to bravely step out and start publicly writing what’s on my heart. And so I decided to sign up to this challenge and make it the kick start I’ve needed. I already do freelance writing for some extra cash but for years it’s been accountancy related and I want to get back to the things I want to write about.

My blog is called ‘Happy is her Home’ as even through the mess – physical, emotional, spiritual – that comes from being an unnatural homemaker, I aim to make my home a happy place. To make it happy with the joy that comes from good food, gentle parenting, having great friends around us, rest and time away from our home life and an identity rooted in Christ and the joy that comes from serving Him each day.

For the challenge you’ve to pick a theme. Given that I’m only starting off I decided to make it easy for me and my theme is ’something today that made my home happy’. Catchy. Hopefully it’ll mean I don’t get stuck with writer’s block half way through and it should give me some material for the blog after the challenge! Expect some food articles the days I’m struggling for something to write about. Food always makes me happy and it’s the one area of being a homemaker I can do well!

So this is the home page for the challenge and I’ll link all my posts here, one every day. I’m looking forward to getting started. ish…!

Saturday October 1 - Happiness in my Home

Sunday October 2 - Living Near Our Families

Monday October 3 - Faith and Candle Anchor

Tuesday October 4 - Fresh Flowers

Wednesday October 5 - Birthdays!

Thursday October 6 - Having a Record of What Happens

Friday October 7 - Cycling

Saturday October 8 - Photos

Sunday October 9 - Down Syndrome

Monday October 10 - Writing

Tuesday October 11 - The Little Things

Wednesday October 12 - Ethical Living

Thursday October 13 - Striving for a Simpler Life

Friday October 14 - Affirmation

Saturday October 15 - Calligraphy

Sunday October 16 - Music

Monday October 17 - Bullet Journaling

Tuesday October 18 - Outsourcing

Wednesday October 19 - Bathtime...ish!

Thursday October 20 - Kindness

Friday October 21 - A Special Guest Contributor!

Saturday October 22 - Positive Honesty

Sunday October 23 - Bible Journaling

Monday October 24 - Swings and Roundabouts

Tuesday October 25 - A Song of Ascents

Wednesday October 26 - Donkeys

Thursday October 27 - Being Outdoors

Friday October 28 - That was the week that was....

Saturday October 29 - My Parents

Sunday October 30 - Faith

Monday October 31 - Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning's End.....