About me

I am the unnatural homemaker who wound up a full time stay at home mum despite thinking I might (intentionally) never have children and certainly wasn’t about to give up my career to stay at home if I had them. Yet God put it on my heart to leave life as an employee behind for this season and in 2015 I applied for redundancy and left my job as an accountant. As well as not being great at keeping a home, I struggle with the mundane nature of life with young children and having crushed Cheerios stuck to the bottom of my slippers ALL THE TIME. I’ve had a couple of blogs over the years which I kept private for fear of what people would think of me. But the time has come to be brave. I know that encouragement is something I’m good at and this blog was born out of a desire to encourage those mums who, like me, struggle. Those for whom keeping a home is a daily challenge. Those who love their children dearly but feel their spirit crushed by the day to day tasks they face. Those who hate going to baby classes. Those whose kitchen island is a magnet for clutter and as far from Pinterest photos as you could imagine.

I’m Nicola, I’m 33. I have three boys, my eldest is five years old and has Down Syndrome which also feeds into the material I write. I’m a passionate Down Syndrome advocate and feel very strongly about the messages around disability from the testing carried out in pregnancy to use of people first language (person with Down Syndrome rather than Down Syndrome person). He’s a wonderful little boy who brings kindness and joy everywhere we go. My middle son is also a delight. He’s 2 and a half years old and a complete live-wire. He climbs on everything, talks non stop and is the most enthusiastic baby cuddler you'll ever meet! My youngest son is only 12 days old so I don't have many observations to make about his personality just yet! I’ve been happily married to my husband for almost 10 years. He has Crohn’s disease and has been very ill over the past seven years with that. We tend to have periods where we’re counting the weeks since he was last hospitalised but thankfully his heavy medication regime has kept him out of hospital all of 2016, which is rather a miracle.

So thanks for stopping by and I hope you leave feeling encouraged in the small steps we can take to make our homes happier places. From our homemaking, the way we bring up our children, the places we find the rest and joy for ourselves, with the food we eat, to the people we spend time with. Not everyone has a Pinterest perfect and instagrammable life and that’s ok. Here’s to having a happy home, even if it is a little rough around the edges! 



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