Bits and Bobs - June 2017

June was another month with no blog posts, apologies! The appointment schedule was heavy going, and mixed in with lots of birthdays (both our dads and Rory), end of term things at school and meetings and inductions at Daniel’s new school it was busy.

I hope anyone with children with statements of SEN have got their school placements sorted. We were close to the end of June before we heard so was a bit stressful! Now to get uniform sorted. The PE trousers could be problematic, the smallest size looks huge!


I didn’t reading much this month, much to my disappointment. I’ve started reading The Noonday Demon: A Modern Woman’s Struggle with Soulweariness by Kathleen Norris. It’s probably not everyone’s kind of book but she is a very wise woman who makes you realise seasons of apathy don’t have to mean crisis for your faith.


June was a month requiring patience which I’ve learnt I struggle with when I’m tired and run down. I also have been trying to bite my tongue in order to maintain some relationships. I’m not good at it. I like to play devil’s advocate and query things. Or sometimes I feel so strongly that someone is wrong, being unfair or just stupid that it’s worth saying something. But relationships are important, with all kinds of people we come into contact with so I’ve done my fair share of arguing this month but also made some attempts to hide my feelings and just let some things pass. And hopefully have done relationships some good by doing so!


Election Coverage. When it comes to elections we do it in style – an all nighter with plates of food - nachos, loaded potato skins and lots of bad snack food. Except this time I cheated and went to bed at the same time as the boys and got up at midnight, so I’d a good bit of sleep behind me! I went to bed (for an hour) at about 4am, and posted this on Facebook after feeling pretty down about the state of politics nationally and locally:

"That's me clocking off for election night. As dawn breaks I think of the words of 10,000 reasons:

The sun comes up, it’s a new day dawning
It’s time to sing Your song again
Whatever may pass and whatever lies before me
Let me be singing when the evening comes.

We need not fear the future. Whoever is our MP, whoever leads the country, whatever happens. For those of us who have faith we believe that God is in control. Let's pray for our leaders and our country. And try to be citizens who do good to those around us. Goodnight!"


Daniel’s room is finished! I mean, I still need to work out what to do about the broken drawers (it took him two days to break them) and the fact that anything left in the drawers gets emptied out onto the floor at 4.15am, but the decoration is done, and he’s not wrecking the wallpaper or wall decals so I guess I’ve got to be glad of that! He loves his room and I’m delighted it now looks vaguely like a coherent theme!

The room is too small to get a shot with everything in. Seriously small!

The room is too small to get a shot with everything in. Seriously small!


Daniel is a funny boy but I'm not always sure it translates away from home. Zoolab visited his school one day in June with animals like snakes and lizards that the children could learn about. There was a giant millipede and Daniel's teaching assistant asked if he wanted to touch it. 

Daniel "first you, then Daniel"
So his TA touched the millipede and then asked Daniel to touch it. 
He laughed, said "No". 
He played a trick on purpose!


In June I heard my almost 5 year old son say for the first time “I love mummy”. That was worth waiting for. It made me think about how God just longs for us, his children, to love Him – both to say those words, but also to live it out – by loving Him with all our heart and soul and mind and strength.