Bits and Bobs - April 2017

Ah May, you have started so wonderfully, after such a cold April too. Were you up to much over Easter? Hopefully the cool weather didn’t disrupt your plans too much – with a later Easter this year I was hoping that our trip to the Lake District might have a few nice days but it was jumper and even coat weather all week!

We’ve had a busy April, ending with Daniel’s annual review for his statement last week which went well. I’d got it in my head as a potentially difficult event, but actually the ed psych and his teacher were so enthusiastic and helpful it wound up being lovely. We went out for dinner afterwards to celebrate Daniel. Got to find some advantages to the extra work!


I've been trying frantically to start reading some statistics textbooks. Why? Well, I’m doing professional statistician exams in less than two weeks and have literally done no preparation until the last few weeks. And even now I’ve still over half of the course to cover, let alone start revising. This was not the plan when I decided to do it, but you know, life with little ones…

We went away to Center Parcs over Easter (see my post here) and I brought two novels and neither was opened, although I did re-read this fantastic article about homemaking by Sacraparental and thought it was worth sharing, whether you spend lots of time at home or not we all have toilets to clean and dishes to wash! Oh, and it's part of a series - part 3 on Mary and Martha is well worth a read too!


Going through Daniel’s annual review made me realise progress is what he’s striving for at school and it’s what I should aim for too with my own life.

I’m never going to be a great homemaker. I reckon I’ll still have piles of baby clothes lying around when they’re all left home (I may or may not have had my own school uniform lying on the landing for the best part of a year as I can’t decide what to do with it!) but I am making progress, getting into daily rhythms with laundry, cleaning and cooking.

Progress not perfection. That’s the motto!


Maybe I should remove this category. I don’t really watch much! In fact, I didn’t realise Masterchef was back on until the end of April (I think it started in March!) and am now trying to catch up with those episodes. I think this might be the first series I’ll end up watching right through. It’s so lovely watching the normal plates of food in the early rounds – I especially love it when people do pasta and a tomato sauce or curries. When it gets to a teaspoon of rare venison and a pea puree in a top restaurant I’m less interested! Anyone else like Masterchef?


Right, so monthly update is making it obvious I struggle to complete tasks. Daniel’s bedroom is still on the old décor, the wall decals aren’t up. I will do this this month – promise! It’s that progress over perfection thing – better to get curtains and bed linen that vaguely matches even if it’s not the perfect set I have in my head.

I’ve tried staying in the house a couple of mornings this last month to try and get some more housework done. Rory is still a complete nightmare to bring around the house (yesterday he was in the bathroom with me while I brushed my teeth and he managed to pump shampoo into his mouth!) but he loves housework so I’ve started giving him a cloth to wipe things with while I do a quick three minute scoop up. You can do a little in a few minutes. Enough to make it a little less stressy for me, even if my husband doesn’t notice!


So Daniel learnt the word “mine” this month (along with me and I) and within a day Rory was using it to, to our amusement. Rory is claiming things are his and Daniel waits until he’s got very worked up about it then says, “No, mine” resulting in many tears. Examples include, while in the car:

Rory “My mummy – mine!”

Daniel “No – mine”

Rory “NO!!! Mine. My mummy”

The whole concept has led to a few funny exchanges like the day they didn’t want to come home:

Daniel (as I reversed into the driveway) “Rory’s home”

Rory “NO! Daniel home”

And so it begins. I’m enjoying it for now!


I’ve been thinking a lot recently about accessibility of church for people with learning disabilities. Obviously we’re at a very early stage of faith with Daniel, and we as his parents facilitate almost all (if not all, I’m not sure he gets anything out of activities at church) his teaching about God right now but it’s hard not to look forward to church when he’s a teenager and adult and think about how churches deal with all members of the church body. I am thinking about doing a wee mini-series on accessibility of church for young children with learning disabilities…watch this space!