Quick and easy dinners

I thought today I would share some of our quick and easy dinners that you can make in around ten-fifteen minutes. Honestly. Unlike what I’ve heard about a famous chef’s recipes which claim similar time scales and take three times as long…!

I would love to hear your ideas too, I think you can never have too many quick and easy dinner ideas in your arsenal. The wraps and omelettes use ingredients I always have in the house too, so if an afternoon turns out to be horrific and my regular dinner plans aren’t realistic (I don’t do really fancy meals during the week but some do take a lot longer to prepare) I leave them for the next day and use these instead!

All these are either completely dairy, soya and wheat free, or I detail how to vary them to make them so. So allergen friendly too.

Sea bass and rice

Super fresh, so healthy and tastes great. We have this most weeks:

1.       Put rice on to cook and steam some green veg in a colander above the rice for part of the time (depending on how crunchy you like your veg)

2.       Fry the sea bass in a little olive oil for about 4 minutes on each side.

3.       Serve with a little lemon or parsley

If you want to spice it up, you can make a sauce (to serve on top) while it’s frying, seriously, that quick.

- salsa : I normally just finely chop a tomato, bit of onion and squeeze some lime on top;

- caper sauce : olive oil, add lemon juice, spoonful of capers and a small spoon of mustard.

Rice and beans wraps

This is the closest I get to microwavable food. Really useful the nights you need a cheap and quick tea. I cheat and buy savoury microwavable rice packets which are full of beans. I normally get a selection of two or three, serve with salsa (see above), chopped avocado, sour cream (we use Oatly creme fraiche so it’s dairy free). For the dairy eaters in our family I normally add some grated cheddar. If you’ve leftover meat from another dinner – doesn’t happen much here – you can use that too.

You literally just pop wraps on the table with bowls of each of the other ingredients and let everyone fill their own wraps. So easy, plus kids love doing it.

For gluten/wheat free, I get BFree multigrain wraps. It makes the dinner expensive for us as those wraps are £3.50 for a packet, but worth it to have a healthy quick dinner for everyone! And gives Rory the opportunity to use wraps as well as Daniel. What is it about children and wraps?!


Such a great way to use up the things starting to look a little tired in the vegetable tray in the fridge and it doesn’t cost much as it’s often ingredients you just had lying around. Plus it takes so little time! I cook onion/spring onions in the pan then add whatever there is – normally half used peppers, mushrooms, tomato, some pancetta, even spinach.

Then add the beaten eggs. I often add some cooked ham once the eggs are in the pan if there wasn’t any other meat.

Once it’s firmed up, throw some cheese on top and serve with toast or potato wedges (otherwise your husband might complain it’s not a proper meal…).


So, do you have any other great really quick dinner ideas to share with other mums?