Flourishing at home - cleaning routines

The idea for the week ahead is to look a little more practically at running a home to keep it flourishing. These feel like skills I’ve had to work very hard to build and a routine I’ve had to really work to establish.

I grew up in a home where my mum was a fabulous woman at running a home – but she did everything. I never cooked, we were encouraged to spend our evenings studying not helping with chores (we didn’t even do dishes) and I feel like I started out in adult life not really sure how to do anything! Plus my mum and dad lived a very traditional life – they had an old fashioned solid fuel range cooker so everything was slow cooked in that. We never had a dishwasher and I remember when my mum got a washing machine (I’m fairly certain I was at secondary school, but certainly upper part of primary school). So living in a home with a gas hob, instant hot water without having to light a fire and having a dishwasher and tumble drier was actually quite a challenge.

I also have ADHD and find all the running a home very difficult with young children as there are so many interruptions to daily tasks.

The first part of running a home I want to think about is a cleaning routine. I still struggle with this – so as I’ve said before this is me thinking out loud rather than saying “I have this under control”!

I think the key to routines like this are thinking what is acceptable versus desirable for you. I’ve looked at specific cleaning routines online that have some tasks on a weekly list that I wouldn’t even do monthly! As we talked about the season of life you’re in last week, be easy on yourself and don’t try to do everything to make the house clean. Prioritise!

Today’s challenge is to do a really basic list of cleaning tasks:

1.       Write down each room in your house (‘bedrooms’ under one headline)

2.       Decide where you are on the acceptable – desirable cleaning spectrum in the season of life you’re in. I’m somewhere between the two right now but come January will definitely drop to acceptable!

3.       Write down what tasks in each room would hit that level.

So for example for me in the bathroom my weekly list includes cleaning:

  • bath;
  • shower;
  • sink;
  • cabinet (spray the mirror mostly)

assuming that the toilet is done most days.

If I was going for desirable I’d also include mopping the floor and wiping the walls (probably not weekly though), if just acceptable, I’d skip the bath cleaning as we don’t have baths as regularly as showers and maybe leave cleaning the mirror to every other week.

Some cleaning schedules I’ve seen include cleaning the towel rail, air vents and things like that every week. UNNECESSARY!!!

4.       Assign each room to a day of the week, picking bedrooms for days that are more busy and the kitchen or bathroom for days you have more time.

Obviously you will have some things that need done every day or two like hoovering or brushing your main living space, cleaning toilets, but this list should help you come up with a non-overwhelming slightly more organised cleaning schedule!