Flourishing at home - bullet journals

Bullet journals became the buzz word at the end of last year/start of this year when the organising tool went mainstream. I’ve been bullet journaling the past two years and it’s honestly been the thing that has kept me functioning.

I’m sure any mum keeps a diary or organiser or planner of some sort – otherwise you’d never remember when the health visitor is coming or who you’ve arranged to meet when.

But throw a kid with a long list of medical issues and learning disability (so all the therapies) in there and the appointment list gets a bit mad. Then have a child with an undiagnosed growth problem who needs seen regularly. And don’t forget a husband who gets chemo once a month (that week needs well scheduled so we don’t have visitors the first 24-48 hours after and I’m around as much as possible). And then have all the regular stuff like dentists, vaccinations, and pregnancy appointments not to mention the normal day to day routines – tots groups and school runs – and it’s a logistical nightmare!

If I ever go back to the workplace I swear these years will demonstrate my ability to juggle tasks and plan better than any job I’ve had in the past!  

Anyway, bullet journaling has made it a lot easier. Diaries never had enough space or blank pages to allow me to dump a list of things that popped into my head. Plus I tried to keep little baby record books (FAIL). And separate paperwork for things like menu planning. A bullet journal incorporates all that.

Tasks are jotted down with a bullet – unfinished tasks can move from day to day (I tend to run a weekly list) by putting an arrow beside them. Things that happen – more of a traditional journal type record – are also recorded in the same book. Alongside brain dumps, events, key dates etc.

It’s been fab for me to have one key place to note things down and apart from drawing out the year’s calendar at the start so I can jot appointments in (the official way is a future log which I used last year but got so SO cluttered and was really hard to follow as we have multiple appointments some days) it’s not actually much work and the flexibility works so well for me! I use it to make notes in appointments with the boys and keep a running list of books I've read.

I also have some fun pages where I write down sewing projects (should really call that page “Things I will never do”), start a “Run a mile” project (but give up after three days as you get a migraine on Day 4 and can’t be arsed going back to it!) or “Board games I want to try”. And each week I can just jot down things that happen with the boys, like the day Rory used the toilet for the first time, or Daniel said “I love you”. Maybe one day I’ll go through and find all those bits for actual baby record books. But I probably won’t…

Anyway, my bullet journal works great as a landing post for all the family business and if you don’t already have one (or just a diary if your life is a bit simpler) then I’d highly recommend it.

Do you have any administrative genius hacks to share with me? I’ve heard of some people who use different coloured pens for each child or big wall planners that get updated each week. Would love to see yours if that’s what you do!