Flourishing at home - Declutter challenge 2

I’m very impressed at the de-cluttering carried out already by some of you. Today I was thinking we should pick something different to declutter that often gets overlooked and is worth doing coming into the winter…


You know that time in secondary school when you needed to bring in a random spice from home for home ec class – like cinnamon or curry powder (it’s Northern Ireland in the 1990s, these are exotic) – and your mum realised that it went out of date three years previously? Well, I bet if you checked some things in your medicine cabinet there’ll be some out of date classics there too!

I don’t know where you keep your medicines but I have a packet of paracetamol and Gaviscon sachets (heartburn this pregnancy, ugh) in the car, in the bedroom and in my wash bag as well as the normal medicines in the kitchen cupboard. You need to check all of them! Every so often I go through the main medicine box and am horrified to find lemsip and rehydrate sachets well out of date. And I know some people never go through them so we may well find some gems here!

The challenge

Get your medicines together, clear out anything that is out of date and write a list of what needs replaced. If you find a medicine that is still in date but you used it during one illness ages ago and are unlikely to need it again, don’t be afraid to throw it out as well. You can always buy it again if you need.

If you’re on top of this already or feel like you could push yourself a bit further, go through the bathroom cabinets and throw out old toiletries that haven’t been used in ages, suncream (apparently suncream halves in effectiveness from year to year. So this year I decided after three years on the go, I’d throw out our collection and will buy fresh next summer!) and even the cleaning sprays and cloths. I bet there’s plenty of space that could be freed up by this task!