Flourishing at home - Declutter Challenge 1

The kids are in bed (well, hopefully) so this one isn’t really for today, but I’m posting it back to back with the general post about decluttering to clear a bit of my posting backlog!

These will be two small challenges the next two days. Nothing too radical (like clear out your dumping room / go through every kitchen cupboard…. ain’t no mum got time for that!!) but hopefully something to just make our houses a little roomier and start us off if we need a decluttering kickstart!

If you are the kind of person who has a 17 item capsule wardrobe that I read about in awe, then this challenge isn’t for you. It’s for anyone who has too many items of clothing rattling round their house.

The challenge

You’re to get rid of 5 items of clothing per person in your house. Just 5. And if you’re really struggling I’ll let you get rid of socks or pants as an item. But try and make it 5 ‘proper’ items of clothing.

For the kids it should be easy enough, clothes with a hole in them that are just past their best, or that top that someone passed on to you but you just don’t like it and don’t tend to put them in it very often. Or something that’s been outgrown and isn’t good enough to keep for any future babies.

For yourself it may be that top that in hindsight isn’t your best colour, or a winter scarf you didn’t wear all last year so won’t this year either, or that top that hasn’t washed well and has gone very bobbly. Maybe for me it should be some of my still quite large work wardrobe when not a blouse nor work skirt has been on me in 2.5 years!

Let me know how you get on!