Flourishing at home - a restful space

My sister in law has a great eye for interior design and has lots of lovely plants in her home. I had two plants (I admit, artificial….) that I kept in the hall and to be honest Colin nearly threw them out a few times as they just got in the way of the keys (and the all important wifi router) on the meter box! So I moved one of them into our bedroom. And I just loved the look of a plant in the bedroom. I’m sure there’s some psychological reason – bringing the outside in, putting you in touch with nature or something… but it’s also made me kept the shelves on my side of the bed lovely and clean and tidy. The rest of the room leaves a lot to be desired, but there was something about freshening up the shelves that made me want to keep them neat.

So today is just a short challenge before the weekend starts. It’s to make your bedroom a more restful place for tonight’s sleep. It may be that the bedside table is cluttered and needs cleared. Or there is a pile of clothes on the floor that needs folded or thrown into the laundry. Or you use it as an excuse for some retail therapy and buy a nice photo frame or plant for the shelf.

I thought a quick task would be all it takes to make the one room you probably have to retreat to (if only for part of the night, every night by about 4.30am we have company!) slightly nicer to spend time in. Just set a timer on your phone for 10 minutes and make it a little more relaxing.

I’m going to get the pile of maternity clothes in a laundry basket on the floor into the wardrobe. Which will involve clearing some non-maternity clothes out. So in fairness, that’s probably longer than 10 minutes. But it needs done! I'm not doing it tonight though. I'll do it tomorrow. Ah, my daily refrain for chores....!

See you tomorrow to talk about laundry…ugh!