Flourishing at home - A challenge and some rest

The next two days I'm writing a reflection and we’re doing two short challenges in the house.


Sometimes we feel like, especially when our house is untidy, we need to be doing things any opportunity we get. Once I got the boys to bed tonight, I came down, cleared the dinner dishes away and put a nappy rinse on (we use cloth nappies). I then looked around at the chalk that Rory drew on various pieces of furniture and a door just before bed. And ignored it. And saw all the dolls’ house furniture lying on the floor. And ignored that too. And plenty of other undone chores too. All also ignored.

Instead I poured a glass of water and came into the front room (currently still amazingly relaxing and clean as I cleaned and tidied it for my father in law's wake on Sunday) to write this. And watch TV. I don’t have to slave over every unfinished task. It’s as important that we rest.

And if you’re a Christian, rest should be part of the rhythm of your life. A day a week that is centred around rest. Points in our day where we stop and rest. And the promise of Jesus in Matthew 11:28: "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”

I am weary. Sometimes the burdens are heavy. And Jesus can refresh me. All I need to do is turn to Him, offload those worries and find a lightness in my soul.

The challenge

So what’s today’s challenge? Well, in order to get that rest I want you to pick one task around the house that’s hanging over you and – wait for it – pay someone else (or ask someone if you think you could get help!) to do it for you!

Maybe it’s your hedge that needs its pre-winter cut. Or leaves in your back garden that need brushed up. Or your oven needs cleaned out. Or just a deep clean of the bathroom. Maybe that’s just four of the things I can think of in our house….

Phone and get a few quotes. Maybe there’s a groupon deal that could help. We had a small job two weeks ago – we needed a shelf put up on a stud wall and it was too fragile for either of us to risk it so we asked my dad to do it. We’d been putting it off for a few months and dad was only too willing to help! A few years ago when Colin was really sick and I was heavily pregnant, people in church offered help and we said, actually our hedge needs cut, and a group of guys came round and had it done in an hour – then came in for pizza and beer and it was a wonderful experience of being blessed and getting the rest we needed.

And our oven is rather horrid. I have just decided it’s not worth my while trying to clean it myself so I’m going to get one of those companies to come in and do it for me!


What hanging-over-your-head task are you going to find someone else to do?