Having a happy home through the challenges of life

To be honest, I still don’t know exactly what I’m trying to focus on here on the blog. When I came up with the name I was just thinking that I wanted to share how my home is a happy place, but not the specifics. If I had to think what my specialist subject was, I’d say sharing how we have a happy home even through some of the difficulties life has thrown our way. So I guess that’s mostly talking about Down Syndrome, I suppose also some of the delights of Crohn’s disease, and life with little ones [as it is not easy some days to get through the monotony of life at home doing the same tasks over and over, one day last week I hoovered the floor FOUR times!].

I would love to talk lots about organising and how to be a homemaker when you’re not very good at it. Mostly because that’s the blog I want to read. But I think someone else needs to write that one for me and I need to share what I’m good at. Which is mostly being positive, a coper when life gets tough, and working to help our children with special needs gain the skills that will open doors for them and make their life easier.

So I’m toying with the idea of mixing a bit of info posts about Down Syndrome – wider ones for general consumption and more detailed posts like about the therapy programme we have in place for Daniel – with posts encouraging anyone facing challenges, even if they’re ‘just’ the typical challenges of having young children hanging off your legs!

Hopefully even people without parental responsibilities for children with Down Syndrome will find those posts interesting and hopefully we can all feel encouraged by the rest that happiness isn’t always about our circumstances. In fact, sometimes the greatest joy comes in the greatest challenges.