Menu Planning w/c 25th July

Flawed as many of my homemaking skills are, I am actually quite good at planning our dinners and doing a main grocery shop each week that only buys what is on the list.

(it's the top up shops when you run into the local shop for a loaf of bread and come out with £20 of snacks and drinks as well that's my problem)

This week my husband is out of town so I'm home alone with the boys and looking forward to having some gluten and using some shortcuts to save on the stress! My youngest (he's 13 months) has recently been diagnosed with cows milk allergy and has been unbelievably better since we cut milk and soya out of his diet. It does prevent me from my usual home-alone shortcut dinners like pizza and lasagne though.  

Monday: spaghetti (well, tagliatelle) Bolognese.

Tuesday: burgers, tobacco onions and salad

Wednesday: beef tacos

Thursday: chicken, mash, gravy and veg

Friday: a fry up - bacon, chips, beans, hash browns

Saturday: boys - savoury rice, me - Mexican takeaway!

Sunday: chickpea curry

Photo by schafar/iStock / Getty Images