Advent and Christmas (yes, it's time....)


I can't quite believe it's almost the season of Advent again but it is the third week of November and only a month until Christmas week! This year it's felt like a crazily early start into the season with people putting decorations up literally the day after Halloween. But then it has felt like a pretty depressing year for many, and I really sense that people are just hoping for the joy in Christmas this year to feel even more real. Even people who don't believe in the wonder of the Christmas story can't help but enjoy carol services, spending time with friends (and maybe family!) and time off work. 

For those of us who believe that Christmas is more than the decorations, presents and snow though, it's a wonderful season of hope and anticipation of the wonder of how God sent Jesus to set us free, and give us hope for the future. Every year I buy an advent book and declare this to be the year I'll 'do advent properly' and prepare my heart for Christmas. And yet every year I get caught up in the busyness and it doesn't get done. (I should add, I look back at the years pre-kids and wonder what on earth was so busy about my days, but hey, hindsight is a wonderful thing...)

So this year I've written a short 4 part advent devotional for overwhelmed mums. It's not specifically about motherhood or being a full time homemaker though so anyone interested could use it. The idea is to spend a short period of time at the start of each week in Advent looking at an advent hymn or carol, the scripture it is based on and a short reflection. I'm hoping that then the rest of that week we can use the music as we go about our normal life, and continue to reflect on the truths within. Does that make sense? 

So tune in next Monday for week one - Come Thou Long Expected Jesus (I know, I'm a Methodist at heart really) and a look at the anticipation of Jesus's first coming, the hope of His second coming, and His presence in our everyday.