I go through (wait for this pun…) cycles with my bicycle usage. Like most children I spent much of my childhood on my bike. In my teens my family would head off for family bike rides while I stayed home with a pile of books and punnet of nectarines. Then at university I was so chronically late for class that I discovered cycling saved me another few minutes. When Daniel was 18 months old I bought a brilliant seat for him for the front of my bike which meant I could keep an eye on him and it had a windshield so he could still breathe well (he has some breathing difficulties) and it was such a wonderful summer that year getting out and about on the bike. Then pregnancy and having two kids at home meant the bike was relegated to the shed again. Now Daniel’s off to nursery I have only Rory to transport and the bike is back in business as of today. And it made both Rory and I exceptionally happy. 

He seemed to think it was a motorbike as he made motorbike noises pretty much the whole way. 

He seemed to think it was a motorbike as he made motorbike noises pretty much the whole way. 

There’s something about cycling that’s special. It is exercise, but for me it is gentle exercise. I don’t do long distance. I avoid hills. I don’t change into sports clothing to do it. It allows you to enjoy the journey but at a much better speed than walking. And the seat we have means I can talk to the boys as we cycle along about what we can see. 

I have an old, little rusty round the edges bicycle. Since cycling became cool the last few years everyone seems to have bikes that weigh about 2 pounds and have tyres about a millimetre thick and my bike is really looking its age. I’ve been tempted to buy a newer bike but our garden shed isn’t massive and I don’t think I could bring myself to replace my current bike entirely so for now, it remains the only one. It can be tempting sometimes to replace things around our homes that work perfectly well just because they’re not as flash or interesting as others. I’ve had my eye on one of those new Taga bikes that the kids sit in a bucket in the front of so if I win the lottery that would be top of my list of purchases!

Isn’t falling in love again with an old hobby just great?

Do you cycle with your children? Is your bike any fancier than mine?