Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning's End


It’s day 31, I’ve actually written something every day this month! When I came up with my blog name I was thinking about how I longed for contentment in my home. A feeling that often wasn’t there at the end of each day. The joy in parenting and homemaking wasn’t there. I just felt so discouraged. I read blogs where life at home with children was presented as a series of quirky vintage tea cups on a perfectly clean kitchen island unit. Or a perfectly put together outfit for the school run. This is not my reality, and I don’t think it is for many of us. My life is chaotic, messy, fun, exhausting, relational, filled with more love than I ever thought possible but also more frustrating than I ever could have imagined.

I wanted to encourage women that there is contentment, happiness, joy to be found in being homemakers and mothers to young children. To encourage parents of children with special needs that our homes can be as full of joy as everyone else’s. (I’ll let you in on a secret, I actually think our lives are happier because of our special children, but that’s for another post!) To think about how as a Christian, God has called me to a new life in Him, that my identity is not in being a mother or a homemaker, but in a daughter of the Living God and that this brings the deepest joy.

This month I looked at various things that made my home happy over the month, from hobbies to people to activities we’ve done. I don’t know exactly where I’m going from here but I’m excited that I’ve finally taken the first move with my writing.

It does the heart good to focus on the positives. Our brains are malleable and by recalling things we’re grateful for each day we can rewire our brains to be happy. Our homes can be like this too. So let’s start by being thankful for the small everyday things like our children giggling, or time spent with our best friends who know exactly how we take our coffee. What can you be thankful for today?