My Parents


Quite honestly, I’m struggling. I’ve started writing entries for today (well, yesterday) on 4 different subjects. Having to write about things that make us happy as a home hasn’t actually been that easy. Some days were but many were clouded by the difficulties of day to day life. Our home is in chaos right now thanks to my inability to clear clutter. There are piles everywhere. I feel overwhelmed and a poor stay at home mum. I’m not great at any of the tasks that role tends to cover apart from cooking. Cleaning, playing with children, organising a household, clearing clutter, making appointments in a timely fashion. When I’ve had a bad day (I have plenty) it can be hard to reflect on any positives or things that made our home happy that day.

So today I’m writing about my parents. On Saturday evening we had a dinner to celebrate my mum’s ‘retirement’ (she finished work this summer at 57, so it’s not traditional retirement!). It made me think I should write about her and my dad because I had a very happy childhood and look back to those happy memories and hope that I can replicate some of that for my own family.

My mum won’t read this, so I can say the things she’d be too embarrassed to hear! Our house is happier because of the love and example my parents showed me, and also because of all that my mum and dad do for us. It’s not your traditional parental help. We’ve never done the ‘go round on Sunday for a roast’. Instead, my mum and dad have built understairs storage, hung wallpaper, done the architectural plans for our extension, cut our hedge, laid carpets, taken down sheds. Basically, if there’s a manual job needing done, my parents probably came to help us with it! My mum has a work ethic I couldn’t even come near. She rises early, does half an hour of intensive physiotherapy (she has severe scoliosis and was wheelchair bound six years ago), then starts into work. And for her now, finally, that work is at home. At the moment they’re doing a big building project at their house and living right in the middle of it as well as doing as much of the work they can themselves. Their energy and commitment to just keep going is incredible. I get so distracted when I try to work hard around the house and wish I could have my mum’s determination and my dad’s selfless attitude. And for just general life at home, I never remember my mum acting like she was bored at home with us - she to make every day fun and yet perfectly ordinary. And now as grandparents, my parents bring happiness to our home in that role and I only hope I can bring some of the qualities they have in parenthood through to me being a parent.