That was the week that was....


This was the week that was…

…the week we had our first detailed meeting with Daniel’s teacher and we couldn’t be happier. The school are renowned for their inclusive approach and they have been fantastic at integrating Daniel into all the class activities while also ensuring he gets the support he needs for speech development, gross and fine motor skills and making friends and interacting with others in the class. I loved that the start of his draft plan for the year started off with a list of positive points about him, “Daniel is a delightful, engaging boy” was the first one. How wonderful to hear this about my precious boy!

…the week I did some planning for our Woods family holiday to Centre Parcs at Easter. I am very excited! My mother and father in law are treating us all to the holiday which is incredibly generous and I’ve enjoyed spending some time collating everyone’s responses to what activities they wanted to do. Called for some serious Excel spreadsheet usage! I miss using Excel every day. That is serious geek admission.

…the week our Homestart volunteer started. This is a wonderful service that supports families with young children who are struggling. It took me a long time to admit I needed help (Rory was 10 months before I finally asked for as assessment) but now a wonderful lady will be coming every Friday morning for two hours to play with Rory and allow me to get Daniel’s paperwork up to date, make phonecalls, chase hospital appointments, declutter, do some cleaning all while Daniel is at nursery. She is lovely and already Rory adores her, he was laughing away when I wasn’t in the room so it’s a great fit and I’m very excited about how I’m going to get our house running a little better!

…the week that my sister in law and her husband got a little Beagle puppy. He’s called Harvey and he is so darn cute! We had a dog for 5 years and I miss him so very much even now two years on, and I am excited to get to spend some time with Harvey, Rory loved him too!

…the week that Colin and I eventually got out for dinner to mark me leaving work last October! We used a voucher to go to a local restaurant that we love and had a lovely child free wine fueled early evening dinner while my brother looked after the boys and gave them their dinner at home. Fab!