Being Outdoors


I find that there’s something about being outside makes life easier. I guess we’re made to be connected with nature, after all it was essential for survival for millennia, and that desire to be outdoors and to understand the shift from season to season is inbuilt.

Rory and I went to a babywearing group walk this morning, although he wanted to walk* (*dander around in circles picking up leaves/tripping over his own feet/cry about wanting picked up, only to start the cycle again…!) It took 2 hours to do a lap of Victoria Park (for any local people), a walk that’s about a mile long with a stop at the play park en route for the toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Just before he slipped off the seat and split his lip. Poor thing!

Just before he slipped off the seat and split his lip. Poor thing!

There’s something about walking at a child’s pace that makes you notice more. I either am walking with a destination in mind, or for brisk exercise so don’t really spend time dandering around. I was amazed at the variety of leaf colour in one park, how some trees are already down to bare branches yet others are only starting to shed their leaves, and the incredible colours on mallard ducks (Have I really never looked at them that closely before?!)

And away from nature, have you ever stopped in a town centre and looked up? It’s amazing the intricacy of the detail on some of the buildings that you wouldn’t notice if you didn’t stop. Buildings that probably stood alone, the pride of that town or city in a different era, that we just miss.

Maybe we should all take some time to walk in nature at a toddler’s pace every so often and notice more of what there is around us. I bet it makes you happy.