Swings and Roundabouts


Today I've a migraine so a very short post coming your way. As I lay in bed and on the sofa today I was thinking about how when we had Daniel people assumed there would be stuff we couldn't do now. Perhaps there still will, will his stamina ever be up to hiking on Saturdays like I'd always imagined we'd do with our kids for example? Will he end up living with us as an adult? Hard to know at this stage.

But no one tells you about the special experiences that come from having an extra chromosome. Like three years ago getting to go to a national calendar launch as Daniel was the cover child and Mr October (the bee). Or being hosted at a special reception in the Lord Mayor's chambers at Belfast City Hall at a night to mark World Down Syndrome Day. Or getting to do donkey assisted therapy (Daniel and Rory both) every fortnight. Or getting a sense of perspective on what really matters in life after a rough start. Or the sweetness in watching a child achieve a milestone against the odds.

The challenges in life are often the very things we learn most from, enrich our lives the most and let us experience things we couldn't otherwise.