Positive Honesty


It’s wearying to have to write something positive every day. I decided I wanted to start a blog and before telling people about it I should generate some content. A 31 day writing project felt like a great way to jump in at the deep end and force me to get on and write something even when I felt like a night off or that it was rubbish. I chose to write about 31 things that made my home happy as my blog is trying to look at ways of making my home happy when, quite frankly, I find life quite mundane and yet I don’t want these years to pass me by in a sleep deprived haze. I thought it would be easy enough to come up with topics to write about but I am STRUGGLING! I also thought the challenge was to write each day, but it’s actually to post each day and lots of other participants had scheduled posts in advance. If I do it again next year I’ll definitely do that as it’s been a real drag most days waiting until the boys are in bed before having to start from scratch.

So, there’s the pity party. So what’s today’s * ‘thing’?

* well, Saturday

I guess it’s being real without being negative. There’s no need to spend life putting on a face. I can get lost in idealistic blogs and instagram feeds with beautiful picture perfect children and perfectly placed cups of coffee. My morning coffee is often cold when I get to it. It’s made with coconut milk because my 16 month old is allergic to cow’s milk and because I’m breastfeeding, I’ve to act like I am too. BUT if I spend life moaning about the reality then that’s not going to make our home very happy either! You know those people that just sap your energy? Often the people who just moan about anything and everything that crosses their path. Well, I’m not going to be one of them either. So let me tell you about Sainsbury’s dairy free chocolate brownies – who needs cow’s milk? They are incredible. I may have eaten two boxes of them yesterday!

This week a friend told me that I have a gift in being open and honest in sharing my life and experiences with others and I want to do that well. Not to dwell on the negatives in life but to be honest about the struggles while trying to make the day to day happy. A challenge, but one I’m up for!