Bible Journaling


Bible Journaling

I’ve talked about bullet journaling and how it’s helped me keep my head above water (see earlier blog post here) and I’m sure at some stage I’ll talk about my holiday journal which is a record of trips we do away from home with photos and memories rather than detailed itineraries. Today’s post is about journaling that’s a little different and something I’m only starting out with: Bible journaling.

There are some amazingly talented women (I’ve not come across any men yet) blogging about this and I’m going to do the whole thing a disservice here with my efforts. Basically, the idea is that you add colour, words, tape, decoration, paint and embellishments around your Bible to bring God’s word alive.

I’ve done some illustrative calligraphy work in the past and would love to start using that in my Bible but for now it’s mostly just colouring pencils. I need to work out what exactly I’m going to do as I have sermon notes on my Bible app and in old Bibles that might be worth transferring in but they’re VERY comprehensive so I’m not sure how much of them I’ll bring in. So for now, I’m just doing the basics but loving how it’s keeping me focused on that passage for the time I’m colouring, I’m reading the words more closely and feel like it’s going to be a great way to hear God’s word afresh.

I’ve loved looking back at passages we’re studying in church at present and seeing how knowing them better after recent teaching and then thinking creatively about how to illustrate the passage. We’re currently doing Genesis in our morning services and I’m looking forward to working through the passages each week and see and hear better what God is saying.

If anyone is interested in finding out more, Illustrated Faith is the most comprehensive source of Bible journaling information, and I’m hoping to sign up to one of their online courses so I can move on from colouring pencils! Ha!

Have you ever been creative with your Bible studying?