Bathtime is not a frequent occurrence in our home, except when I’m pregnant (I was known to bath 3 times some days when pregnant with Rory, it was the only time I felt vaguely comfortable!) but finally today we had a pleasant and uneventful bathtime. Daniel has only let Colin bath him for years, any attempts I’ve made have resulted in either no bath or a kicking and screaming match and certainly no hair washing. Rory loves a bath but it’s hard to find a time to give him one when Daniel isn’t around so it just ends up being a rare event.

But back to today and something that makes our home happy. Bathtime was a happy occurrence. (mostly)

And then I realise this wasn’t just about having a pleasant bathtime for the first time. It’s the fact that it showed me that Daniel struggling with something doesn’t have to be a lifelong concern for us. He’s currently on thickened liquids for his dysphagia, but this might not be for life. His speech sounds have been very basic, but recently there are some very clear sounds.

And then I start to understand it’s not just Daniel that shouldn’t be put in a box when he can and does change with time. I realise I can too. So tonight I go to bed happy that I may be able to change. I can get better at running at household, it will just take time. I will get the house decluttered. Just because these are struggled for me today doesn’t mean they always will be. And so it is for all of us.

Plus there’s the added bonus that a smooth bathtime makes for cute photos…