The Little Things


For anyone new round here, I apologise for the fact this is a little rough around the edges, I’ve literally only started this a few weeks ago and doing a write 31 days challenge in October to get used to posting and writing regularly. It may have been a little ‘in at the deep end’…!

Day 11 of my writing challenge. It took 11 days to get writers block. So actually I’m quite chuffed with that. To be honest, I’ve just been a bit surprised today at writing something that ended up getting a lot of hits and now I feel the pressure to come up with something equally meaty, interesting and on a similar topic. I’m worried people will think Down Syndrome is my specialist subject, which in many ways it is, it’s certainly something I’m very passionate about, but it’s not what my writing or even life is all about.

And then I realised.

That’s it.

It’s going back to it in a way, but essentially Down Syndrome is only part of what our family is about. It’s only part of who Daniel is.

Our family is made happy by so many little things, the quirks that make our family ours;

- the morning starting on our bed. I give Rory a feed, Daniel comes in and reads a book, normally while sitting on top of Colin. When Rory stops his feed it’s less peaceful but always a nice way to start the day us all together and having a cuddle;

- reading ALL the time. Colin and I would stare at the back of cereal boxes at the breakfast table as children and we are thrilled to see Daniel and Rory both love reading at the table too. A family that eats together, stays together. It doesn’t matter that they’re all reading while there, does it?!

- huggy-wuggies, a family group hug where we embrace, jump up and down and shout ‘huggy-wuggy-wuggy-wuggy’…just us?! It’s a Woods family tradition I’m glad we’ve passed on to the next generation. It also provides much amusement to everyone else. Not done on demand for anyone interested in a real life performance.

- the cat in the neighbourhood who seems to have made our house a surrogate home. Cats do that, don’t they? This one may have got into our house the other week when we were out for dinner and pooped in the hall, which then got walked in when we arrived home. I may not be as big a fan of the cat as the boys but literally every day they will hang around the back door waiting for the cat;

- the family dance parties on Friday teatime. And really, any time my husband comes in from work with any energy. Spotify on, one of the family playlists started and dance until we get tired. Or one of the boys pushes the other over in excitement (party over);


The small things that are difficult to remember when someone asks what makes your family yours, different from other homes. The things that are part of the fabric of your home. I love the little things. And many days that’s all Down Syndrome is.