Happiness in my Home

So, today’s the start of October and the start of the write 31 days challenge. No writer’s block today as I’m working at my freelance writing today and find my own writing is a nice break from writing case studies on business ethics! Many writers are doing their series on fairly narrow topics but I’ve decided to start wide this year so I don’t have too much thinking to do. That makes me sound like I’m not dedicated enough but it’s been a very busy season in our house with both boys having a heavy run of hospital/therapy appointments during the last six weeks, then there’s been my eldest starting nursery, things starting back up at church again for the new year and I’ve got a writing job on the go at the minute so that’s taking up any flex left in my week!

31 days of things that made my home happy is a chance to reflect on how we can find joy in so much of life. Not just the big ticket events like holidays or celebrations, but in decorating our home, in choosing how to parent our children and enjoy them, in the quirky little coffee shop on the school run, in the food we eat, in the friends we spend time with and in the hobbies and interests we pursue. Anyone who learnt their catechism will remember that man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy Him forever. Life is meant to be joyful, full of moments that we enjoy and glorify God through. So often though it feels mundane, the tasks of homemaking a drudgery and the stresses of modern life overwhelming. Yet that’s not how it was meant to be. We were made to live, and live life to the fullest. Everyone is looking for meaning in their life and a desire for fulfillment and that can be hard when your day to day life is tough, or maybe just boring. By looking each day for the things we do or experience or see that make our homes a happier place and thanking God for these and praising Him I believe we find satisfaction for our soul. 

And of course thinking about and writing about happy things for 31 days straight will hopefully provide me with a kick start for the blog itself, looking at gentle parenting, homemaking when you are not a natural, good food, the rhythms of family life and the seasons and embracing who we really are. Not everyone has an eye for colour and interior design, not everyone is tidy or a minimalist (I’m neither as anyone who has ever visited my house can vouch), not everyone enjoys life with little kids, not everyone enjoys cooking, but I do believe we can find moments of joy in these things and start to find contentment in everyday life.